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Thought collagen was just for the skin? Think again! (2 of 4)

It is well known that collagen is a big part of our skin. Perhaps you would be surprised to realise the other important functions that collagen plays in our body.


Studies show that once in the blood stream, collagen peptides travel to many tissues, including the bone. Research has also shown that collagen is essential for cartilage formation. Collagen is a strong protein. The fibres form a scaffold, capable of supporting joint structure. With ageing, wear and tear can occur in tissue joints and collagen supplements are great for cartilage tissue regeneration.

Of course, collagen is a big component of muscles and strong muscles help maintain joint health. Interestingly, as well as cartilage, bones and muscles, collagen has a key role in intervertebral discs, which sit between the bones of our back. The high level of collagen in these discs adds strength to our back and helps us stand and sit upright.

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