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IPL Treatment

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Thread Vein Removal

Supple and smooth skin in our early youth can mirror the ‘ageless’ glow of clear vitality until after a while when ‘ageing’ nooks and crannies start to kick in.

Environmental culprits on the skin such as adverse weather and pollution can leave our sensitive coats looking dryer and duller by the day. But over time skin can reveal more grisly surprises on its surface, most commonly Thread Veins (aka ‘Spider’ veins for a more scare mongering term), a condition that affects 1 in 3 men and women.

Although the exact cause is not known with experts who speculate factors such as changing hormones and extreme weather conditions, there are readily available treatments that can lessen the impact of these ‘bulging’ dark veins.

This takes us swiftly onto the rejuvenating ‘holy grail’ science of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Thread Vein Removal, a procedure that beams intense rays of light directly onto the surface of these thread veins. Without damaging any surrounding tissue, the exposing heavy light causes blood inside the veins to dry and harden, making them absorbed naturally by the body and hence the result of a less visible appearance onto the skin.  Voila!

With such intense treatment, some might even wonder what does it feels like to have these dark spider-like veins vanquished. In fact, people that have undergone the procedure have experienced a warm prickly pin feeling or ‘tingly’ sensation when light is beamed onto their skin, but is pleasantly tolerable throughout.

For best results, it is recommended to have at least 4 treatments for every area affected by thread veins, leaving ideally 3 weeks in-between treatments to notice the effects. It’s a straightforward no brainer due to its remarkable simplicity, that can be done in 1 hour after work and back in time next day to the office!

As you know all treatments come with its own potential side effects, but these are rare but worth knowing anyways. Don’t fear! The chances you getting these is little as the likelihood of getting squished by the moon!

Side Effects may include:

-Burning where the area of thread veins is treated

-Blistering where the area of thread veins is treated

-Swelling where the area of thread veins is treated

However ‘scary’ these side effects may seem, it’s very rare and if you do get any of these reported symptoms, it will certainly heal over time!

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