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Hyalase (Filler Correction)

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The Problem

When patients are unhappy with their hyaluronic acid filler, we recommend Hyalase. You may have been treated elsewhere and been ‘over-treated’ or simply had too much filler in your lips or face over a period of time and now feel that you would like to reverse the effects and return to a more natural state. Fear not as we have a treatment that can help you.

The Treatment

Hyalase is reversal of hyaluronic acid (HA) gel (typically used in most dermal fillers) using titrated concentrations of the enzyme hyaluronidase. The enzyme works very quickly to fix problems of either too much filler or the wrong placement of filler, in patients who are unhappy with their HA filler and do not want to wait for the filler to naturally disappear, (especially as some cross-linked fillers can take over a year to disappear). Its use is off licence and should only be done after an informed medical consent by a skilled and experienced professional.

The Result

You can quickly get rid of wrongly placed or overdone fillers leading to a smoother facial contour. There is no evidence that using hyaluronidase enzyme off licence to reverse fillers could also affect your own tissue long term. This is because your body is continually making new hyaluronic acid gel, every hour, every day.

Does the treatment hurt?

Any injection into the skin is felt a little. The actual hyaluronidase is hardly felt and as soon as the injection is over, it is only minimally tender or not at all.

How long does the treatment take?

Most treatments take 15 minutes. It can take between one to 4 tiny injections and then we observe the area to make sure that it is working well and that there are no reactions.

What is the downtime after the treatment?

Immediate puffiness and mild erythema (redness) for two to 6 hours, which then settles. You can go out the same day as treatment or to work following the treatment.

When will I see results?

There is an immediate effect which can be seen within half a minute of the injection and the effect carries on until the morning after. You may need to massage for a week to completely remove any lumps.

How long does the result last?

The effect of Hyalase lasts forever. Any untreated areas will retain the hyaluronic acid gel. If at a later stage you would like to again have filler this is not a problem and the same areas of the face can be treated but you must wait one week after Hyalase treatment to have filler again.

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What is the Mona Lisa Filler?

Our Mission

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