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Development Coaching

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COACHING: Everything starts from Kick-Ass Strategy Session with me. During our  90minutes together I will help you to figure out, where you are and where you want to be. Also we will define what is stopping you to get there. At the end of the session we will discuss what is the best and the fastest way to achieve your desire outcome. My coaching packages are very personalised therefore I will make sure that they will suite you and your schedule. Your investment: £255


1) Breakthrough Session This is perfect for those who whats immediate results and are willing to commit to more intense coaching sessions (within shorter period of time- 3weeks, 3 sessions). This session will increase your performance and profitability. Our clients use this package for overcoming/improving: – Procrastination (turning Procrastination into Motivation) – Anxieties – Phobias – Limiting Beliefs – Confidence – Fear of Selling and Presenting – Eliminate your “internal walls”

2) “Transform Your Life” Package- 2months/8weeks This is design for those who have multiple goals and objectives, which they want to achieve today and require ongoing support over the coming 2months. We will begin by exploring the type of Actions, Behaviour and Thinking you want to achieve. Every next session and support is aimed at working toward that new paradigm. Our Clients use this for: – eliminating stress -overcoming any limiting beliefs, negativities in life – changing and installing new values that give us infinite motivation – achieving self-satisfaction – being able to control their state no matter what – overcoming fear of failure, rejection and becoming confident under any pressure – enhancing emotional intelligence -exceeding sales targets and driving conversion You will receive: – up to 8hours of one to one sessions – new business behaviours – use of very powerful personal development, NLP and coaching tools&techniques – 60 days of Accountability and Support via phone and email – and more 🙂

3) “Become the Best Version of Yourself” Package- 3months/12weeks This package is perfect for savvy, determined and dedicated person, who is ready to totally transform their mindset and accomplish limitless motivation in life. By the end of this sessions you will have new aims, goals and objectives which will give you the results you always desired and deserved. Your values and beliefs will transformed which will give you the ability to put the new thinking into practice straight away. Our clients use this to: – make a major changes in their career (becoming independent and starting their own business) or personal life – increase their profitability – breakthrough cognitive thought process blockages – create higher-level motivation strategies – get the Mojo back – upgrade your Thinking so you will totally transform your Career and Life once and for and all You will also receive: – up to 12hours of one to one sessions – new business behaviours – use of very powerful personal development, NLP and Coaching tools & techniques – 90 days of Accountability and Support via phone and email – and more 🙂

Our Mission

We want to raise importance about health and beauty, and the importance of making accessible the best products that make you look good and feel great. Beauty is not just skin deep and tackling signs of ageing but looking after yourself and maintaining your overall health. Improving health and wellbeing is the key to being beautiful both inside and out . We aim to create opportunities for others to enjoy using beneficial products that give inner confidence as well as a youthful appearance.

Our culture

We value the importance of bringing people together as part of a community. Whatever your walk of life, our ethos is uniting people that share common interest of helping others achieve their wellbeing goals to live a rewarding lifestyle. This is the reason why we give people the opportunity to meet others and to explore the various products we have available.

What we do

We bring the very best in innovation, science and nature that make a valued difference to people that trust in our product and services.  We bring quality products sourced with the best ingredients and scientific knowledge that aim to improve skin hydration, promote a youthful appearance, and health from the inside out.


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