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Celebrate the Persian New Year with YouGlo

Here at YouGlo we are dedicated to making sure that you feel as beautiful as possible. This is why we offer a wide range of different beauty treatments for you to book an appointment for. Not only do we have a number of amazing treatments all year round, but during special events or occasions we also have special offers that you can choose from too.

At the moment we are offering our very special promotion for Persian New Year. A deep cleansing collagen facial.

But what is Persian New Year and why have we chosen this particular treatment?

The Persian New Year

The Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz is when the turn of a New Year is celebrated throughout the Middle East, The Balkans, The Caucasus and Asia. In fact as many as 300 million people across the world will celebrate this event. Held in March every year, this year the Persian New Year is going to be celebrated on the 21st March.

In order to get ready to celebrate the New Year people in Iran will carry out a deep clean of their home, then, on the final Tuesday of their year, a bonfire-like celebration is held, which is referred to as Charshanbe-Suri.

The New Year itself is a family time. The family will gather around a ceremonial table and will carry out a ritual that involves a number of objects placed on the tablecloth in front of them. Seven of these items are edible and begin with the letter s.

Why our deep cleansing collagen facial?

Whilst we may not be celebrating quite like they do in Iran, here at YouGlo we think that everyone can benefit from a treat. Not only this, but as a nod to the deep clean that is carried out in the homes of those celebrating The Persian New Year, this treatment offers a deep clean to your skin.

Our deep cleansing collagen facial is a favourite for so many of our clients. It is designed to help those ladies who feel that their skin could do with a helping hand. It combines a number of different techniques and products which separately, as well as together, are known to have a real benefit to your skin.

Our facial will exfoliate your skin, hydrate it, tighten and tone. It is ideal for a variety of skin types and is a treat that absolutely everyone deserves.

In order to carry out this facial we begin with a deep clean whereby we remove any excess dirt and bacteria from your skin. Then you have an optional steam which will open up your pores.

After this, we will apply a beauty boosting face mask which is packed full of active nutrients which will help your skin look its best. Your pores will then be closed up and a moisturiser will be applied to make sure that you look fresh and ready to go.

Why not join us this Persian New Year and celebrate by making sure that your skin looks great? Whether you are heading out with friends or perhaps staying at home with family, there is no better reason to have that extra special YouGlo!