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7 things you never knew about collagen

  1. Collagen affects weight

Of all the foods we eat, proteins are known to have the most satiating effect. This means they help us feel full more quickly. Collagen is a protein so by increasing satiety, it helps decrease food intake during meals. Dietary proteins appear to be strong appetite inhibitors in human trials. They result in an efficient weight loss, and it has been shown that a protein diet will help maintain weight following weight loss. So taking collagen regularly will help you lose weight and keep a regular weight.


  1. Collagen affects mood

Stress affects the integrity of skin collagen. In response to stress, a cascade of events happens in our body that lead to the release of the stress hormone, glucocorticoids. In the short term, the release of glucocorticoids may play a key role in helping us deal with the stressful situation however several studies have linked the release of stress hormones to changes in collagen in the skin. So excess glucocorticoids can lead to negative effects on nearly all tissues and accelerate the ageing process. Taking collagen as a supplement to the diet can overcome the negative effects of stress, as it helps form serotonin, the hormone that helps us feel alert and gives us energy.


  1. Collagen is not just for women

Changes in hormone levels with age affects various parts of the body differently, for example, bones and joints lose their flexibility, eyes become drier, and ligaments become less resilient. These signs of ageing appear early in women because oestrogen level decreases rapidly during menopause (the average age of a woman having her last period is 51). Men instead, have a very gradual decline in testosterone, which is a collagen supporter. This helps them maintain their bone density, muscle strength, even experiencing less wrinkling compared to women of similar age. Therefore, collagen supplements can help build up muscle and strengthen bones and joints in both males and females.


  1. Collagen levels decrease with exercise

Ageing is a complex biological process. It is controlled by genes and lifestyle including smoking, alcohol consumption and chronic sun exposure. All these factors may cause the formation of wrinkles, the appearance of brown spots and thinning of the skin. It is because they cause formation of harmful molecules in our body called free radicals, which can damage cells. Moderate exercise helps remove these free radicals. However, intensive or continuous exercise has the opposite effect. The lack of oxygen to the tissues causes more of these free radicals to form leading to destruction of collagen in skin. Taking a collagen supplement will help replenish the collagen that is destroyed by the harmful free radicals.


  1. Collagen improves sleep

Many things can affect our sleep and put things out of balance; hormones, stress, etc. Collagen is a protein that is found in almost every part of our body. It helps to keep our organs functioning normally and hormones in balance. With age, collagen breakdown can disrupt this balance so replenishing collagen levels with a supplement will help to restore deficiency in any part of the body and hence general well being. When our body is in balance, both our mood and sleep will improve.


  1. Collagen helps hair and nails

Apart from the skin, ingesting collagen has a benefit on hair and nails. In fact, people who take collagen report that their hair becomes thicker and less brittle (unpublished data). This is because collagen strengthens the hair shaft within the skin and thus prevents breakage. Even though collagen exists in the deeper layer of the skin, taking a collagen supplement seems to improve the condition of the skin at all layers. This is because replenishing collagen levels in the skin increases skin surface hydration, making cuticles softer. As a result nails become less brittle.


  1. Collagen helps joint health and function

Collagen plays a major role in maintaining joint health. It helps keep the cartilage, bones and tendons healthy, meaning strong bones and tendons for you so you can enjoy all the sports you love and live a full life.